Social Media & Tradeshows: 3 Best Practices

Facebook, LinkedIn, ShapChat, Instagram, et al, all have one thing in common; they crave content. To satisfy this need, savvy marketers across most verticals are leveraging their tradeshows and events to capture customer testimonials, live product demos, expert interview, PR roll-outs and much more. This… learn more >

Video is KING! Is it Working For You?

Sometimes, when I read the latest studies about marketing trends, I get frustrated.  Not in a bad way, but in an itchy, wanting-to-share-information-and-revelations way.  Allow me to elaborate. Surveys that detail the latest trends in video marketing are appearing all over the web right now.  Unsurprisingly,… learn more >

The SECRET to How Tradeshows Have Changed

You. Are. Not. Special. Ouch. Perhaps I should clarify; when it comes to tradeshows & meetings, your marketing concerns and challenges are not special … and by “special,” I mean unique. Better? So why this provocative admonishment?  Let me explain. I’ve been in the tradeshow and meetings industry a long… learn more >

Top Three Event Trends for 2013

It’s the season for making lists. Here are my top three trends that will shape event marketing in 2013: 1. Instant Information. Digital has re-shaped expectations. Consumers now seek the same immediacy in the live event arena that they currently enjoy from on-line experiences. Delivering on-demand… learn more >

Is Your Event Program Smarter Than Your Customers?

Customers and markets are dynamic. They’re forever changing. Moving ahead. Digitally connected. Intelligent. What about your exhibit, meeting or event experience? Here are four tips to make sure your event program is positioned to create value for today’s smart customers. • Identify customers by role… learn more >