Questioning the Value of Your Event

After the last booth giveaway has been given away, can you prove the value your exhibit investment delivered? Do any of the following statements describe your customer, prospective clients or user event? Attendance is stagnant Attendees come one year, but not the next Demographics aren’t ideal Audience feedback has flatlined Return… learn more >

How Much Do You REALLY Know About Your Prospects?

I recently read an article in the April 2016 Event Marketer Magazine concerning Neuromarketing.  Neuromarketing is the study of consumers’ cognitive and sensory responses to marketing stimuli.  I am currently developing a longer article about how event marketers can apply neuromarketing strategies to live events,… learn more >


It’s that time of year when annual meetings, conferences and sales kick-offs shift into high gear. Already we’ve seen several high profile presentations and already we’ve seen some eyebrow raising performances. It’s not uncommon for executive presentations to miss the mark. Why? More often… learn more >

Top Three Event Trends for 2013

It’s the season for making lists. Here are my top three trends that will shape event marketing in 2013: 1. Instant Information. Digital has re-shaped expectations. Consumers now seek the same immediacy in the live event arena that they currently enjoy from on-line experiences. Delivering on-demand… learn more >