3 Ways to Go Virtual… Fast, Easy, Cost-Effective

Virtual Face-2-Face Engagement: Fast, Easy, Cost-Effective With sheltering-in-place and social distancing temporarily placing event marketing programs on hiatus, what’s an event marketer to do? Hit the reset button. Transition from face-to-face marketing to “interface-to-interface marketing.” Try these fast, easy, cost-effective ideas to engage your prospects and… learn more >

Interactive Briefing Zones

How do you communicate a big message in a small space? Interactive Briefing Zones provide a cost-effective strategy to deliver personally relevant attendee education. Short, informal conversations convey high-level messages. Skilled personnel connect target prospects with sales staff. Small investment in… learn more >

Three Tips for Highly Persuasive Trade Show Staffers

It’s a new year. A new opportunity for your trade show staff to enhance their persuasive abilities. Use these three tips to help your staffers conduct more compelling conversations and win more opportunities. . 1. Understand the prospect’s primary buying need. Ultimately, every prospect is… learn more >


It’s that time of year when annual meetings, conferences and sales kick-offs shift into high gear. Already we’ve seen several high profile presentations and already we’ve seen some eyebrow raising performances. It’s not uncommon for executive presentations to miss the mark. Why? More often… learn more >