Customer-Led Storytelling

It’s no secret that emotion drives consumer behavior and that a good brand story–from a trusted source–is an effective way to leverage those emotions.  This Snapshot article, NEW WAYS TO TELL CORPORATE STORIES, explores how to identify those “trusted sources.”  The answer may surprise you.  learn more >

Inspire Your Audience With Visual Storytelling

Photos, video, graphics – all create strong viewer connections. Not all visuals, however, connect equally well with all audiences. Even fewer have the power to authentically communicate brand value and corporate culture to diverse audiences.    This month’s IGNITE explores the keys to creating visual stories that… learn more >

Beyond Brand: Delivering Differentiated Experiences

Personalized engagement. Authentic communication. On-demand functionality. In an era of high consumer expectations, successful trade show and event marketing means connecting with prospects and customers on their terms.  This month’s IGNITE explores technologies that are making it possible to create event experiences… learn more >

The Psychology of Personalized Marketing

Brain research shows our brains decide what information to pay attention to. 86% of consumers say that personalization plays a role in their purchasing decisions. — Infosys This month’s Snapshot explores how technology makes it possible to deliver highly personalized experiences pre-, at- and post-show.  learn more >