How do you connect?

How do you connect a booth activity to the world? Digital River had a cool ski simulator to attract visitors to their exhibit at Money2020, but they wanted to share the activity with a bigger audience. Check out the Digital River Case Study to see how GetSynchronicity… learn more >

Interactive Briefing Zones

How do you communicate a big message in a small space? Interactive Briefing Zones provide a cost-effective strategy to deliver personally relevant attendee education. Short, informal conversations convey high-level messages. Skilled personnel connect target prospects with sales staff. Small investment in… learn more >

Top Three Event Trends for 2013

It’s the season for making lists. Here are my top three trends that will shape event marketing in 2013: 1. Instant Information. Digital has re-shaped expectations. Consumers now seek the same immediacy in the live event arena that they currently enjoy from on-line experiences. Delivering on-demand… learn more >

Attract a Crowd

How do you attract crowds at a launch event and still provide a personally relevant experience for your guests? Ferring Pharmaceuticals used the hands-on interaction of touch screens – and the challenge of friendly competition – to make learning enjoyable and meaningful at ACG 2012. GetSynchronicity. Connecting… learn more >