4 Ways Neuroscience Helps Us Tell Better Stories

No matter how you frame your corporate storytelling … literary, theatrical, business-centric, etc. … the knowledge of neuroscience can make them better.  When we hear a story, brain activity increases 5x and our bodies release oxytocin … a feel-good hormone. Working together, these reactions create powerful,… learn more >

Customer-Led Storytelling

It’s no secret that emotion drives consumer behavior and that a good brand story–from a trusted source–is an effective way to leverage those emotions.  This Snapshot article, NEW WAYS TO TELL CORPORATE STORIES, explores how to identify those “trusted sources.”  The answer may surprise you.  learn more >

Virtual Events: Four New Best Practices

Over the past three months, organizations across every vertical have scrambled to establish a successful virtual presence.  The learning curve for this “new normal” has been fast and steep.  Nonetheless, several new virtual event best practices have emerged.  Here are four that have risen to the… learn more >

If Face-to-Face Isn’t Possible

When the world stands still. Almost overnight, the Coronavirus has become part of our collective consciousness. And everything has changed. This is certainly the case for trade shows and other events whose hallmark is meeting in-person. But what do you do when face-to-face isn’t possible? How… learn more >

3 Ways to Go Virtual… Fast, Easy, Cost-Effective

Virtual Face-2-Face Engagement: Fast, Easy, Cost-Effective With sheltering-in-place and social distancing temporarily placing event marketing programs on hiatus, what’s an event marketer to do? Hit the reset button. Transition from face-to-face marketing to “interface-to-interface marketing.” Try these fast, easy, cost-effective ideas to engage your prospects and… learn more >

Inspire Your Audience With Visual Storytelling

Photos, video, graphics – all create strong viewer connections. Not all visuals, however, connect equally well with all audiences. Even fewer have the power to authentically communicate brand value and corporate culture to diverse audiences.    This month’s IGNITE explores the keys to creating visual stories that… learn more >