Reality Check: Mixed Reality

Facebook, Apple, Amazon and Google are all jumping on the Mixed Reality (MR) bandwagon. Are you experiencing FOMO?  Explore how MR is taking the industry by storm with new best practices and super-charged storytelling. Do you want to jump in and mix it up a little.  learn more >

The Value of Professional Exhibit Tours

To achieve important business goals at tradeshows and events, exhibitors must communicate a strong brand image and a clear product message. However, tradeshows are loud, visually cluttered places where communication is challenging. The solution is straightforward; develop messages that are clear and easy-to-understand, and feature only… learn more >

A Revolutionary Tactic for Better Meetings: Consult the Source

“Give me six hours to cut down a tree, and I’ll spend the first four sharpening the axe.”  – Abraham Lincoln Wise words that result in, arguably, one of the sharpest axes in the world and one heck of a cut-down tree. The metaphor is clear … proper preparation results in an easier process and, by extension, more successful outcomes. When it comes to creating… learn more >