Experience Marketing is Dead. Long Live the Experience.

Last week I heard a discussion leader proclaim that Experience Marketing at trade shows is dead. Really? If his definition of Experience Marketing includes spending large sums of money on frivolous activities then, sure, I’ll agree. Those days are long gone. But I’ve… learn more >

Attract a Crowd

How do you attract crowds at a launch event and still provide a personally relevant experience for your guests? Ferring Pharmaceuticals used the hands-on interaction of touch screens – and the challenge of friendly competition – to make learning enjoyable and meaningful at ACG 2012. GetSynchronicity. Connecting… learn more >

Relax Into Creativity

If you’re employed in the face-to-face marketing field, you’re busy. Designing, planning and executing trade shows, meetings and events is fun and exciting work. It’s also exhausting. It isn’t just the work that’s exhausting. It’s also the time spent thinking about work. When I’m really busy,… learn more >