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Media Production

Video Production • Motion Graphics • 3d Animation • Music Composition

Presentation Development

Executive Keynotes • Marketing Presentations • Corporate Overviews • Demos

Meeting Production

Meeting Design • Staging • Scenic • AV

Event Staffing

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Presentation Training • Speaker Coaching • Booth Staff Coaching


Event ROI • Exit Surveys • Speaker & Conference Evaluation

  • Many Hands. One Goal.

    Actelion 1 of 4

    Clinicians at medical congresses attend hours of scientific sessions and read dozens of poster presentations. Actelion wanted to engage surgeons on the expo floor in a more personal way. We delivered a cause marketing activity that created a strong emotional connection with the audience.

  • Partners in Patient Care

    Actelion 2 of 4

    trade show booth draws

    Doctors used a custom touchscreen app to scan one of their hands and trigger a donation to support research in their chosen field of medicine. Signing the hand scan enlisted physicians in the cause and demonstrated their commitment to advancing innovation in patient care.

  • Community Building in Action

    Actelion 3 of 4

    One final tap sent the personalized hand scan to a digital Commitment to Caring Quilt on an enormous LED wall.

  • The Beginning of a Beautiful Relationship

    Actelion 4 of 4

    trade show interactive experience

    The evocative image of hundreds of caring hands dedicated to a common goal communicated the aspirational alignment between Actelion and its partners in health care. More than 1,850 doctors participated in the activity, creating organic opportunities for conversations with sales reps.

  • Tell a Better Story

    Knapp RedPilot 1 of 5

    Telling a consistent story from rep to rep during a product launch is always a challenge. When Knapp introduced Red Pilot software at their biggest annual trade show, we created a custom app that helped the reps communicate with confidence and impact.

  • First Impressions are Everything

    Knapp RedPilot 2 of 5

    Transparent, OLED display monitors piqued audience interest. Hi end video animations created visual appeal and energized the narrative.

  • Familiarity Breeds Trust

    Knapp RedPilot 3 of 5

    Role-specific use cases generated emotional connections for listeners by establishing context and relevance. Talking points displayed right on the app, so critical messages were always delivered right time, right place.

  • Immediacy = Impact

    Knapp RedPilot 4 of 5

    A modular structure gave reps the option of telling the story in a linear fashion or jumping from chapter to chapter to address customer inquiries in the moment.

  • Rinse. Repeat.

    Knapp RedPilot 5 of 5

    The app was pushed out to the entire sales force after the show, so reps in the field could tell the same story and provide the same experience for their customers.

  • Analyze This!

    Exelis 1 of 5

    The visual information and C4ISR solutions that Exelis provides to the defense, intelligence and environmental communities are based on complex technologies. But when you’re trying to attract new prospects, leading with technical demos can be a real relationship killer. We created a series of touch-screen games that viscerally demonstrated the power of the company’s advanced technologies, all in under a minute. The games helped staffers jump start dialogue and left plenty of time for detailed Q&A with prime targets.

  • Bring it on

    Exelis 2 of 5

    trade show booth draws

    We appealed to the competitive nature of the audience with a series of “Test Your Skill” style challenges. Using the call to action “Analyze This!”, users chose one of three mission critical disaster scenarios and went to work.

  • They Couldn't Win

    Exelis 3 of 5

    trade show booth experience

    Using traditional analysis skills, the player had fifteen seconds to identify and extract the visual data needed to solve the crisis. Rarely was a player able to complete the mission.

  • Try Again

    Exelis 4 of 5

    trade show interactive experience

    Users then received a second chance to complete the mission, this time using Exelis applications. Every mission succeeded. And the advantages of Exelis advanced technology were clearly demonstrated.

  • More Games, Please

    Exelis 5 of 5

    trade show audience engagement

    Budgets being tight, we had economically developed the first three games around a common design template. That move paid even greater dividends when the first three games proved so successful that Exelis commissioned us to create three additional games to demonstrate other solutions. First launched at a user group conference, the games continue to be deployed at trade shows and events.

  • EventConnect

    DMG Mori 1 of 4

    When machine tool giant DMG Mori exhibits at IMTS they go big. More than 15,000 square feet of exhibit space. Dozens of large machines on display. Two double decks. 15 meeting rooms. A cafe to serve 300 people. 400 personnel to work the crush of 100,000 industrialists from all over the world. Imagine trying to quickly and reliably match a visitor up with one specific individual staffer inside a mini-metropolis like that. Now you have some idea of the customer service challenge that DMG Mori asked us to solve.

  • App Magic

    DMG Mori 2 of 4

    trade show booth draws

    We designed a cross-platform app that could be accessed by web browser, iPhone, iPad or Android devices. All 400 of the client’s staff and management team registered their profile on the app, which worked like a social media site. Profiles included staff picture, languages spoken and all contact info. The staff also input their schedule to a calendar for each day of the six-day show.

  • "Is Jay in?"

    DMG Mori 3 of 4

    trade show booth experience

    Visitors looking for a particular DMG Mori contact immediately benefited from the app. Staff members could do a quick look-up on their smart device and instantly determine if the contact was in the booth, walking the show, or off site. One more touch sent a text message or placed a phone call to the requested contact. Moments later, the two parties were meeting face to face.

  • "Meet me in Columbus B"

    DMG Mori 4 of 4

    trade show interactive experience

    Staffers also used the app to reserve meeting rooms for private conferences. A quick search provided room capacity and availability. Requests went to the booth manager who approved everything from her smart phone. In her words, “I can manage the whole show right here in my pocket.”

  • To Build a Community

    NextGen UGM 1 of 5

    When NextGen Healthcare Information Systems hosts its annual User Group Meeting, education and networking are the order of the day. We enjoy the yearly opportunity to inspire a sense of community among attendees and to strengthen the shared purpose between this client and 5,000 of its best customers.

  • Calibrated Production

    NextGen UGM 2 of 5

    meeting and conference staging and production

    We scale scenic elements and AV to fit the cavernous arenas needed to seat 5,000 people. During the General Session, the design supports the presentation requirements of executive and technical speakers. At night, additional lighting and audio sets the stage for musical acts and entertainments.

  • Working Together

    NextGen UGM 3 of 5

    meeting and conference audience engagement

    Seating 5,000 guests takes a few minutes. We engage the crowd with interactive technology that keeps them thinking, laughing – and participating!

  • Kickstart the Excitement

    NextGen UGM 4 of 5

    meeting and conference content development

    A new conference brand inspired an exuberant opening video that communicated the shared purpose of the meeting.

  • Compelling Communication

    NextGen UGM 5 of 5

    meeting and conference content development

    To keep messaging on point, we produced all the scripting and graphics from executive welcome to technical demos. Presentation coaching ensured that every speaker made a positive impact in front of this high stakes audience.

  • Speed Sharing

    Digital River 1 of 5

    Digital River—a leader in Global eCommerce Solutions—chose the theme “Speed Wins!” to drive their Money2020 2014 marketing campaign. To support it, they installed an exciting, downhill skiing simulator in their exhibit. Then they turned to GetSynchronicity to share it with the world.

  • Sharing at the Speed of Light

    Digital River 2 of 5

    trade show booth draws

    GetSynchronicity designed and implemented a robust Social Media Campaign designed to connect the Speed Wins theme with a global target audience. The campaign included pre-event messaging, at-event video, and post-event follow-up.

  • Make it MATTER!

    Digital River 3 of 5

    trade show booth experience

    Pre-event, we created a series of content-rich blog posts for Digital River’s LinkedIn site. Under the banner “Top 5 Ways Speed Wins,” the posts counted down to the Money2020 opening day over a two-week period. Targeted Tweets drove additional interest.

  • You are THERE!

    Digital River 4 of 5

    During Money2020, a GetSynchronicity onsite video team captured attendees “skiing” the slopes and breathlessly praising Digital River. Onsite editing pushed out a stream of Social Media video posts each day of the event.

  • But wait, there’s more ...

    Digital River 5 of 5

    trade show audience engagement

    After Money2020, GetSynchronicity created a post-event wrap-up video that energized all of Digital River’s post-show follow-up emails and Press Releases. Global-sharing mission accomplished!

  • Getting on the “Must-See” List

    Enovate 1 of 4

    Enovate Medical wanted to drive traffic to their HIMSS exhibit and get on everyone’s “MUST SEE” list.  Traditional email blasts experience anemic open rates, but GetSynchronicity created a PURL campaign that dramatically increased open and click-through rates.

  • PURLs of Wisdom

    Enovate 2 of 4

    trade show booth draws

    PURL” stands for “Personalized URL.” Target audience members receive a personalized email that contains a link to a personalized microsite with a campaign-specific URL (e.g. http://www.johnsample.enovate-empower.com)

  • What’s In It For Me?

    Enovate 3 of 4

    trade show booth experience

    On a PURL Landing Page, visitors are greeted personally and given access to relevant information, including ePapers, product videos, testimonials, case studies, and surveys  They may also schedule an appointment to meet with a rep at the show … or to be contacted immediately.

  • The Results Are In ...

    Enovate 4 of 4

    trade show interactive experience

    Using Enovate’s opt-in email list, the open and click-through rates began at 8.9%, and grew to 15.5%!  The promotion drove key prospects to the exhibit for a special prize drawing, and because they were pre-qualified on the PURL microsite, EACH OF THEM was an A-Lead.

  • X-Factor

    Carestream 1 of 4

    Carestream, a provider of dental and medical imaging systems and IT solutions, planned to preview a new, work-in-progress piece of mobile X-ray equipment at its major industry event of the year. We were thrilled when they asked us to create a show-and-tell Spotlight Theatre Presentation. Unfortunately, the prototype was still in production and wouldn’t be ready until days before the show.

  • Virtual Magic

    Carestream 2 of 4

    trade show booth draws

    Using engineering files and CAD drawings, we first created a 3D model of the new device. From there, we applied surface finishes, details and lighting effects to create realistic images of the new work-in-progress equipment.

  • Perfect Match

    Carestream 3 of 4

    We then animated the model to illustrate the talking points communicated by our professional presenter and to demonstrate the mobile functionality of the new equipment.

  • A Second Life

    Carestream 4 of 4

    trade show interactive experience

    Our 3D animation perfectly replicated the machine that arrived on site and the Spotlight Theatre attracted record-setting audiences. After the show, the animation files continued to be used for additional slide presentations by product specialists and sales staff.

  • Connect. Care. Thrive.

    NextGen Healthcare 1 of 5

    For many physicians and healthcare organizations, the promise of technology sometimes feels more like a burden. NextGen Healthcare Information Systems needed a presentation tool to persuasively demonstrate how their solutions simplify practice operations so that physicians can focus on their mission to provide better patient care. We designed and developed a multi-platform app to help the NextGen salesforce tell that story.

  • In Sync, All The Way

    NextGen Healthcare 2 of 5

    trade show booth draws

    We organized the content around a trio of disruptors – “here’s what you’re going through” – that aligned NextGen’s message with its audience. The final 20-minute long script featured a mix of thought-provoking stories, key NextGen differentiators and full screen testimonial videos – all chosen to demonstrate that “we understand your situation” and to prove that “we’ve helped other clients succeed.”

  • Script or animations?

    NextGen Healthcare 3 of 5

    trade show booth experience

    For visual impact, we developed presentation graphics as a series of easy-to-grasp infographics. Timed animation sequences gave the salesforce options during delivery. They could narrate along with the animations, using a detailed, memorized script. Or they could let the animations tell most of the story, using key phrases to highlight context and provide transitions. Either way, the prospect received a uniform, consistent message.

  • Primed For Success

    NextGen Healthcare 4 of 5

    trade show interactive experience

    Presentation training was critical to a successful rollout. We created custom designed learning/rehearsal materials and conducted an online training session for the entire sales staff. Prior to the program’s debut at NextGen’s largest industry event, we conducted a half day of live presentation training to ensure that everyone was ready to deliver the story.

  • Continuous Reinforcement

    NextGen Healthcare 5 of 5

    trade show audience engagement

    An automated version of the app with voiceover track was also developed for use on the web and for self-help kiosks at tradeshows and events.

  • The Game Is On

    Siemens Hearing 1 of 5

    When Siemens Hearing introduced a new waterproof hearing aid at Audiology Now, the company wanted to increase dwell time in the booth with an educational activity. We created a gaming experience that was as cutting edge as the new product that Siemens was launching.

  • Educational and Cutting Edge

    Siemens Hearing 2 of 5

    trade show booth draws

    Our multi-player, multi-platform solution connected five individual iPads to a large flat panel display.

  • What Do You Know?

    Siemens Hearing 3 of 5

    trade show booth experience

    A traditional quiz game provided the educational component. A random question generator displayed different questions each round, to keep the game fresh.

  • Score!

    Siemens Hearing 4 of 5

    trade show interactive experience

    Players worked from individually assigned iPads to answer questions. The iPads communicated with the display monitor to show players’ answers and score their choices.

  • Double The Impact

    Siemens Hearing 5 of 5

    trade show audience engagement

    The overall footprint required for the activation was small enough that Siemens was able to incorporate two game stations in the booth – providing a gaming experience for up to 10 players at a time. A professional host facilitated the experience, offering additional educational highlights and light banter to keep proceedings lively.

  • It’s All About the Message

    Grass Valley 1 of 5

    Grass Valley set a challenging goal for NAB 2015. The company identified this massive event as the primary platform to establish its position as the industry’s preeminent thought-leader and strategist to guide Broadcasters through their migration to IP.

  • The Plan Begins ...

    Grass Valley 2 of 5

    trade show booth draws

    IP migration is a difficult new reality for broadcasters, representing an infrastructure paradigm shift with significant financial and logistical implications.  In order to attract the early adopters needed to establish itself as the industry’s pragmatic authority, Grass Valley developed a 3-pronged engagement strategy: a pre-show Press Conference, a private event for the company’s Channel Partners, and an in-booth IP Briefing Center.

    Enter GetSynchronicity.

  • What’s The Story?

    Grass Valley 3 of 5

    trade show booth experience

    GetSynchronicity led discovery sessions with a diverse group of Grass Valley stakeholders. The result: a clear and powerful messaging engine that informed industry scribes at the Press Conference and energized the Channel Partners’ sneak peek.  At the show, it powered the IP Briefing Center which acted as a continuous engagement platform to drive prospects through the exhibit.

  • The Message Takes Off!

    Grass Valley 4 of 5

    Crowds of attendees streamed through the Grass Valley IP Briefing Center, where they experienced the full force of Grass Valley’s strategic plan—delivered by GetSynchronicity staff and accompanied by dynamic visual media.

  • It All Comes Together!

    Grass Valley 5 of 5

    trade show audience engagement

    ● Thousands of attendees visited the Grass Valley IP Briefing Center.
    ● 25% of those attendees connected with a Grass Valley rep to discuss specific IP migration challenges.  A remarkable conversion rate!
    ● Through featured articles in industry trades and on authority websites, Grass Valley is hearing its message repeated, characterized as the most intelligent IP migration strategy for broadcasters to follow.

  • The Human Touch

    1 of 5

    At CES 2015, Lowe’s constructed an impressive, two-story home that featured its market-leading smart home technology, Iris. But the Lowe’s exhibit was surrounded by competitor booths boasting similar technology. In an effort to get noticed, Lowe’s turned to GetSynchronicity to review their marketing program and identify ways to maximize the impact of their technology.

  • It’s all about the people

    2 of 5

    trade show booth draws

    Lowe’s smart home technology is a market-leader. But at a trade show synonymous with sexy gadgets, Iris’ plain white form factor made it easy to overlook. The solution: humanize Lowe’s ultra-easy DIY technology by leveraging the universal power of storytelling.

  • Once upon a time ...

    3 of 5

    trade show booth experience

    Lowe’s turned their house into a home by stationing professional Brand Ambassadors from GetSynchronicity in every room. After being trained on the finer points of Lowe’s Iris technology, GetSynchronicity helped each Brand Ambassador identify personal, real-life experiences which they then used continually (and strategically) during their product “storytelling.”

  • Make it sticky

    4 of 5

    Each personal story was designed to appeal to specific attendee needs and profiles. This strategy succeeded in transforming the dry “how to” of Lowe’s DIY technology story into a compelling, emotionally-driven human story … told by real humans.

  • And the winner is …

    5 of 5

    trade show audience engagement

    The results speak for themselves; the booth was packed throughout the entire 4-day show, Time Magazine ranked it one of the Top 10 Best Booths at CES; and, as expected, attendee reactions were “through the roof!”  (Maybe not the best metaphor for smart home technology.)

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  • Talk to us about creating a customized, in-house UPFRONT Persuasion Through Presentation™program for your organization.
  • Talk to us about creating a customized, in-house UPFRONT Persuasion Through Presentation™program for your organization.