How do you connect?

How do you connect a booth activity to the world? Digital River had a cool ski simulator to attract visitors to their exhibit at Money2020, but they wanted to share the activity with a bigger audience. Check out the Digital River Case Study to see how GetSynchronicity… learn more >

Are You Wasting Their Time

Every day at meetings, conferences and trade shows, audiences are made to sit through poorly prepared, under-rehearsed, ineffective presentations. Sound familiar? “Persuasion Through Presentation” by GetSynchronicity provides corporate presenters with the skills, techniques and feet-on-the-ground training to develop their own confident, authentic communication… learn more >

Interactive Briefing Zones

How do you communicate a big message in a small space? Interactive Briefing Zones provide a cost-effective strategy to deliver personally relevant attendee education. Short, informal conversations convey high-level messages. Skilled personnel connect target prospects with sales staff. Small investment in… learn more >

Big Splash, Small Pond

What can you do to make a splash in a small booth? Follow the lead of Blue Hornet. At IRCE 2013, Blue Hornet didn’t even have a booth. Just a 42” monitor in a stand up kiosk inside the Digital River exhibit. That didn’t stop the… learn more >


It’s that time of year when annual meetings, conferences and sales kick-offs shift into high gear. Already we’ve seen several high profile presentations and already we’ve seen some eyebrow raising performances. It’s not uncommon for executive presentations to miss the mark. Why? More often… learn more >

Attract a Crowd

How do you attract crowds at a launch event and still provide a personally relevant experience for your guests? Ferring Pharmaceuticals used the hands-on interaction of touch screens – and the challenge of friendly competition – to make learning enjoyable and meaningful at ACG 2012. GetSynchronicity. Connecting… learn more >

Get the Message?

It’s easy to be seduced by technology. New social media platforms proliferate quarterly. iWalls, Surface tables, iPads, tablets and touch screens create new possibilities for interactive customer experiences. Microtiles, LED panels and wide screen monitors provide giant-sized billboards to communicate key messages. Ah…the message.… learn more >