The Game is Afoot

Gamification is here to stay.  Research from every sector continually demonstrates how the application of game theory to business marketing communication more than doubles learning and comprehension rates, dramatically increases dwell time in exhibits, and decisively changes a target audience’s buying and advocating behavior. Synchronicity embraces… learn more >


If you’ve visited (or live in) a BIG CITY, you know how challenging it can be to locate the people and places you need. Technology, of course, has made it easier. The same is true in BIG TRADESHOW BOOTHS!  DMG Mori wanted visitors to their BIG… learn more >

Complex but Clear

For some companies, explaining what their products do, and how they’re different, is complicated; it takes time and attention, and if not done properly, can undermine the entire sales process.  Click here to see how NextGen used technology to create an interactive presentation tool that… learn more >

Being Creative again, and again, and…..

Recurring events–like Sales Meetings and User Group Conferences–pose recurring challenges… how do you keep each event fresh and unique when your audience, essentially, stays the same? Click here to learn how GetSynch helped a premier health organization “keep it fresh” yet again in… learn more >

How do you connect?

How do you connect a booth activity to the world? Digital River had a cool ski simulator to attract visitors to their exhibit at Money2020, but they wanted to share the activity with a bigger audience. Check out the Digital River Case Study to see how GetSynchronicity… learn more >

Are You Wasting Their Time

Every day at meetings, conferences and trade shows, audiences are made to sit through poorly prepared, under-rehearsed, ineffective presentations. Sound familiar? “Persuasion Through Presentation” by GetSynchronicity provides corporate presenters with the skills, techniques and feet-on-the-ground training to develop their own confident, authentic communication… learn more >