7 Best Practices for Virtual Events

At first glance, virtual events sound easier to create and implement than a live event.  The truth is, they suffer the same challenges face-to-face engagements do, as well as a few unique ones of their own.  This blog will detail 7 of them, as well some best practices. 

Virtual events can include many things: video content; live-streamed presenters, live Q&A, pdf downloads, polling; etc. Before searching for a virtual event provider, make sure you fully define your user experience. This will allow you to find the right provider, and allow the provider to give you an accurate quote. 

Live, virtual, or hybrid, all brand engagements must include storytelling.  Brand stories build strong relationships. Therefore, no matter what format your virtual events takes, make sure you include powerful brand stories, and, best case, allow users to share their own.  

To keep your audience from clicking away from your event, it’s crucial they feel involved: online Q&A, polls, quizzes, etc. Also, consider delivering information in bite-size pieces … 2-4 minute chunks.  The more painless it is for participants to engage with content, the more likely they are to search for more. 

Make sure you fully understand your audience’s tech sensibilities. What works for Millennials may not work for Gen Xers … or Boomers.  Younger participants may prefer an event optimized for mobile devices. Mature audiences may desire stronger security, richer content, and higher-production value. 

What archival video could you re-purpose?  Can new video be archived for future use? Repurposing content from your virtual event is a smart way to amortize your investment. 

Consider inviting strategic partners to participate.  This helps mitigate cost, and expands your content offerings. 

Retro-fitting measurement is never effective, live or online.  Make sure your engagement programs have measurement capabilities built-in. 

Final thought: going virtual can help brands weather the current business and health climate, and it’s an excellent way to globalize your message.