Is it Time for a Marketing Rethink?

Times change; technologies change; people change; attitudes change.  Ask yourself … are you making engagement marketing decisions based on past assumptions that may no longer be true? For example: Assumption: Augmented Reality (AR) is too expensive. Reality: It’s more affordable than ever. Assumption: AR is too involved. Reality: It’s… learn more >

Design Thinking – A Human Centered Approach for Meetings

In our last article we talked about the importance of applying design thinking to meeting strategy for mission-critical meetings. This article delves into the process, providing a high-level guide. But first, a quick refresher. “Design is not style. It’s not about giving shape to the shell… learn more >

Applying Design Thinking to Mission-Critical Meeting Strategy

Your organization is in the midst of a massive shift. You’ve got an important meeting coming up. You need to transition from transactional to transformational leadership. Stimulate cross-functional collaboration. Or create a culture of innovation. What do you do? “Content-first”? “Participant first”? Apply design thinking? This… learn more >

A Revolutionary Tactic for Better Meetings: Consult the Source

“Give me six hours to cut down a tree, and I’ll spend the first four sharpening the axe.”  – Abraham Lincoln Wise words that result in, arguably, one of the sharpest axes in the world and one heck of a cut-down tree. The metaphor is clear … proper preparation results in an easier process and, by extension, more successful outcomes. When it comes to creating… learn more >