Rehearsal: Is it Really That Important?

We live in a face-paced world.  This is no surprise.  Virtually ALL information is at our fingertips, and our collective attention spans have shortened commensurately. I make no value judgement about this … it’s the way things are.  This sentiment is also not new. Adults in… learn more >

3 Ways To Energize Your Exhibit… on a Budget

Wouldn’t it be great if every time you exhibited at a tradeshow you could build a sexy new exhibit and pitch the newest, hottest product on the floor? And wouldn’t it be great if you were always the prettiest girl or the handsomest guy at the… learn more >

The Engagement Process = An Electric Dog Fence

If you’ve ever been responsible for your tradeshow lead count, I guarantee that at some point during the show you wished you had some way to keep the attendees who ventured into your exhibit from deftly slipping away before you could meaningfully connect with them… learn more >

Social Media Evolves Again

This blog will be short(ish) and to the point.  It never ceases to amaze me how social media platforms that were originally designed to service the needs of self-involved individuals continue to move toward servicing the needs of self-involved businesses. This may be the result of… learn more >

Just who do they think they are anyway?

This week, I’d like to revisit a blog from late last year.  Recent political and cultural events continue to reinforce the fact that our economy is globalizing more and more with each passing day.  It behooves us, then, to become more aware of difference between… learn more >