Social Media Evolves Again

This blog will be short(ish) and to the point.  It never ceases to amaze me how social media platforms that were originally designed to service the needs of self-involved individuals continue to move toward servicing the needs of self-involved businesses. This may be the result of… learn more >

Just who do they think they are anyway?

This week, I’d like to revisit a blog from late last year.  Recent political and cultural events continue to reinforce the fact that our economy is globalizing more and more with each passing day.  It behooves us, then, to become more aware of difference between… learn more >

Video is KING! Is it Working For You?

Sometimes, when I read the latest studies about marketing trends, I get frustrated.  Not in a bad way, but in an itchy, wanting-to-share-information-and-revelations way.  Allow me to elaborate. Surveys that detail the latest trends in video marketing are appearing all over the web right now.  Unsurprisingly,… learn more >

How Much Do You REALLY Know About Your Prospects?

I recently read an article in the April 2016 Event Marketer Magazine concerning Neuromarketing.  Neuromarketing is the study of consumers’ cognitive and sensory responses to marketing stimuli.  I am currently developing a longer article about how event marketers can apply neuromarketing strategies to live events,… learn more >

Everything Old is New Again…… and Ironic

Don’t throw the past away,  You might need it some rainy day. Dreams can come true again,  Cause everything old is new again.  – Peter Allen Stephen King said it. Peter Allen sang it. The New York Times published it. The list of sources who have expressed a… learn more >