How Adding “The Why” Supercharges Case Studies

Simon Sinek has one of the most viewed YouTube videos of all time. It’s a TED Talk called, “How Great Leaders Inspire Action.”  In essence, great leaders communicate the “why” of what they do, rather than the “how” or “what,” etc.

Simon’s mission has expanded into a movement he calls “Find Your Why.”  He helps people discover what makes them look forward to going to work, and what makes them return home feeling fulfilled.  

This raises the ironic question…why share this with you?  The reason is simple; to succeed on a tradeshow floor, organizations must clearly define and communicate their “why;” why do they exist … why do they do what they do?  This enables attendees to connect with them on an emotional, aspirational level, which will in turn motivate them to seek out more information about the company on their own. High-level branding often communicates the “why,” but then stops short at the exhibit carpet line.

This raises the next question … how?  How can companies incorporate “the why” into their trade show messaging programs?  One proven way is to take a common tool … the customer case study … and enhance it with “The Why.”

Start and End

Case studies are often logistical in nature; Company A had this challenge; here’s how we helped solve it.  This one-two informational punch delivers relevant and useful information … but they are often dry and uninspiring; thus the word “study” in its title. Consider this enhanced format:

  1. Start by briefly detailing your customer’s “why.” What makes their company tick … what makes them feel fulfilled.  
  2. Next, describe the challenge that is keeping them from realizing their “why.”  
  3. Move on to how you helped them solve this challenge, and how this helped them continue pursuing their “why.”
  4. Lastly … and this is important … close with how helping this customer fulfilled your why.

All of the relevant product/service nuts & bolts information remains, but by starting and ending with “the why” … both theirs and yours … you’ve transformed a simple customer case study into an aspirational Success Story that exemplifies what your company is all about.

Sound pie-in-the-sky?  Ask Apple, Harley Davidson, Disney, Nike, or other top global brands.  

Actually, you don’t need to ask them because they have so successfully embedded their “why” into our collective psyches, you can answer that question for yourself.

That’s brand power.