Tradeshow Experiences: Size Matters

A recent CEIR article mentioned how interactive technology can expand a trade show attendee experience without having to expand the size of the booth. This is good news … more bang for the buck. But interactive technology is not a panacea.  If it isn’t used properly, it… learn more >

If it Ain’t Broke…Fix it Anyway

The aphorism, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” is sound, practical advice … that isn’t.   If you own a car, manage an IT network, or run a business, you know that “preventative maintenance” keeps inexpensive problems from becoming expensive ones. Trade show engagement programs… learn more >

What’s Your Story? Making Better Connections

Many articles have been published in business journals lately exploring how to “tell a better story.” Most use a business or client meeting as their setting. Nowhere, however, is the need for powerful storytelling greater than on a tradeshow floor. In a matter of seconds… learn more >

Three Critical Communications Concepts

In the November issue of Forbes, Kathy Caprino explores three critical communication concepts that help strengthen relationships, forge stronger bonds, and improve communication skills. These key concepts also enable you to engage, inspire, and connect more powerfully with your target audience at tradeshows and events. Listen… learn more >

Speaker Tactics That Generate Attention

There is only one thing worse than a rude audience at a corporate meeting; a polite one. They smile, make eye contact, but their attention is elsewhere. The goal is to create an engaged audience. Here are a few proven tactics that generate audience attention. I. … learn more >