Are Your Globalization Efforts Being Maximized?

While nothing will ever replace face-to-face interaction, the desire to “globalize” your tradeshow exhibit via the web has never been stronger.

The ubiquity and standardization of streaming media makes pushing content out over the Internet simpler than ever. If this sounds like a daunting task, consider this:

  • Your Exhibit House already creates 3D CAD drawings of your exhibit.
  • Your Marketing Team creates specific, and often new, media, messaging, and engagement strategies specifically for your live tradeshow presence.
  • Your WebMaster normally spiffs up your website prior to an event to reflect your latest branding, case studies, etc.

With a strategic boost, these assets could be leveraged, repurposed, and brought to life virtually for your clients, your prospects, and for those, in new markets, who may have never heard of you.

Current technologies to stream, and promote that stream, are as plentiful as they are varied; podcasts, microsites, multiple social media platforms, push notifications  … heck, your entire exhibit experience could be delivered through a custom app.

The Challenge: Devising a strategic plan.  It’s incredibly tempting to simply engage a streaming media provider and start pushing out content.  However, is this the way you’d approach other major marketing endeavors? Many impressive “live” event programs have been underwhelming online due to under-developed strategy & execution.

The Solution?  Globalizing your event program via the web deserves the same mindshare, the same investment, and the same talented strategic partners your other major marketing efforts require.  

You know that’s true.  Now go forth and globalize.