Bring in the Hired Guns

Have you ever noticed that your booth reps often spend the majority of their time in the exhibit talking with current customers and current strategic partners or industry associates, rather than engaging unknown, new attendees, qualifying them, and perhaps build NEW relationships? The reason is… more >

Top 5 Ways to Research a Tradeshow

There are thousands of industry professionals who have NEVER attended a tradeshow, let alone exhibited at one. This is a missed opportunity, because spending surveys indicate that a face-face meeting with a prospect at a tradeshow costs $142, while the cost of that same face-to-face… more >

Walk & Talk

The 2015 Experiential Marketing Summit has come and gone and, as usual, was dotted with C-level speakers touting the virtues of “innovative thinking” and “risk taking.” Since returning home, however, a thought has gnawed at me, and I thought I’d share.  First, a few observations. During… more >


We do not become wise through experience.   We become wise by reflecting upon experience. No, you haven’t clicked on the “Zen Wisdom” blog by accident.  That statement will make sense soon, I promise. I’ve known a great many people in my life who don’t seem to ever… more >