7 Visual-Support Tips for Executive Presenters

Success brings with it many challenges, not the least of which is public speaking. Your audience may be customers, your internal team, or … the most daunting … your peers. If it’s only you and your thoughts, then your approach is clear; engage the audience, shift… learn more >

Are You a Tradeshow Middle-Schooler?

There is a behavior exhibited at trade shows that is normally displayed in middle-school cafeterias across the Country. It’s known by different names: Clustering. Clumping. Bunching. Huddling. Herd-clinging. Group hugging. If those names aren’t evocative enough, try the following word picture: booth staffers … rather than station… learn more >

Is Gamification right for your message?

Over the past several years, the concept of “gamification” has gained a firm foothold in the marketing-sphere.  Taking a complex (or not so complex) marketing message and making it stickier through the use of gaming techniques is more popular than ever … but sometimes, marketers… learn more >

What can Marketers Learn from the new Star Wars film?

Over the Holiday, I saw the new Star Wars film.  I enjoyed it.  I was never a huge fan of the originals (and I did not see the prequels), but it was a ripping good yarn and I had a good time. However, as I reflected… learn more >

A Revolutionary Tactic for Better Meetings: Consult the Source

“Give me six hours to cut down a tree, and I’ll spend the first four sharpening the axe.”  – Abraham Lincoln Wise words that result in, arguably, one of the sharpest axes in the world and one heck of a cut-down tree. The metaphor is clear … proper preparation results in an easier process and, by extension, more successful outcomes. When it comes to creating… learn more >

Knowing Your Target Audience: An Object Lession

We all like to think of ourselves as savvy marketers. We diligently stay abreast of current marketing trends in our specific businesses and keep a watchful eye on the industry in general. We give our project teams clear marching orders to “engage” our target audiences with new… learn more >

Tradeshow Presentations are a thing of the past…Or are they?

Throughout our country’s history, we’ve heard the death knell for various types of interactive media. For example: When “Radio” first appeared, industry experts predicted the demise of books and magazines. When “Magic Lantern” films entered the scene, commentators signaled the demise of live theater and vaudeville. When “Television” appeared,… learn more >

Bring in the Hired Guns

Have you ever noticed that your booth reps often spend the majority of their time in the exhibit talking with current customers and current strategic partners or industry associates, rather than engaging unknown, new attendees, qualifying them, and perhaps build NEW relationships? The reason is… learn more >