We do not become wise through experience.   We become wise by reflecting upon experience. No, you haven’t clicked on the “Zen Wisdom” blog by accident.  That statement will make sense soon, I promise. I’ve known a great many people in my life who don’t seem to ever… more >

5 X 5

Here are five popular interactive technologies marketers use to engage their target audiences at tradeshows and sales meetings, followed by the five most common MISTAKES to avoid when implementing them: AR (Augmented Reality): The ubiquitous nature of smart phones and tablets has made AR a much… more >

2015, Here We Come!

What’s the #1 New Year’s Resolution in the US? Yup. You can probably guess numbers 2 through 5, as well. This reminds us that we all have more in common than we think. The same is true for tradeshow marketers across every industry—we all share the… more >

Tis the reason …

Another year, another holiday, another reason to give thanks. To all of our clients, new and old–who honored us by letting our team help with their tradeshow & event programs–we say …Happy Holidays and a Prosperous and Healthy New Year! Sincerely, The GetSynchronicity Family

New Impressions

How many times has someone at work or at home playfully scolded you for not noticing a new hairstyle or a new outfit?  Me too. It’s a common syndrome called “psychological invisibility.’ You become so familiar with someone, or something, that you fail to really “see”… more >

Down = Up

There’s plenty of “down” time at meetings and conferences- assembling for general sessions, luncheons, galas, award sessions, and breaks between speakers. But don’t let the word “down” fool you. These are great opportunities to build community. Here are five fun and interactive ways to transform “down”… more >