2 Ways to Create a Digital Trade Show

You did a great job.  Your team designed an excellent exhibit.  It’s an exciting representation of your brand and you can’t wait to show it off at your next tradeshow.

And then … the trade show is cancelled. What’s a Marketer to do?

Good news!  You can still leverage your hard work by creating a digital version of your exhibit and invite your target audience to experience your brand virtually. 

The question is … what does that experience look like?

Here are two digital formats that combine your beautiful booth design with all of your digitized assets to create an immersive brand experience. 

  1. Real-time Rendering In A Browser

This framework transforms your 3D architectural booth model into an online walkthrough. It’s like a VR experience … without the headset.  

Your exhibit model is positioned in a 3D World … a world visitors travel through using their mouse, arrow keys, or tab key. “Information” icons float near product stations to let visitors know, “There’s a learning opportunity here!” Clicking an icon opens a pop-up window that delivers brochure copy, close-up images, charts, graphs, etc. Links to video assets open in a separate browser window. 

These 3D walkthroughs are accessed directly through the user’s browser, so they don’t need to download and install any special apps or software. Visitors simply enter the space and move around freely … almost as if they were on the show floor. 

  1. Microsite Fly-Through

For brands with extensive video assets–like product demos, expert interviews, or mini tutorials–a microsite approach offers a more streamlined viewing experience.

The microsite background is a still frame taken from a fly-through animation of your 3D exhibit render. Using their mouse, visitors embark on a linear journey through your exhibit frame by frame. Pausing the scroll pauses the fly-through; this allows users to control how quickly they move from area to area.  

Pop-up windows appear at strategic points, offering product and equipment videos. These videos are all hard coded into the microsite and play with a simple mouse click – no need to follow a link to open a separate window. 

For visitors who don’t wish to take a linear journey, top-bar or sidebar navigation panels allow them to jump around the exhibit and access videos from drop-down lists. 


Just like any online project, the functionality of your microsite is limited only by your desires, imagination, and budget.  Additional features could include:

  • Pixel tracking that generates visitor metrics
  • Interactive surveys
  • Meeting scheduler
  • Links back to your primary website
  • … and much more.

Final Word

  • Regular updates keep the digital exhibit fresh
  • Reps can leverage it during sales calls throughout the year
  • Each visit is a clear, consistent, and interactive brand experience.

Whatever format you choose, a digital version of your trade show exhibit gives you the chance to connect with your target audience before, during, and after your live trade show event … even when it’s cancelled.