Is it Time for a Marketing Rethink?

Times change; technologies change; people change; attitudes change.  Ask yourself … are you making engagement marketing decisions based on past assumptions that may no longer be true?

For example:

Assumption: Augmented Reality (AR) is too expensive.

Reality: It’s more affordable than ever.

Assumption: AR is too involved.

Reality: It’s one of the easiest technologies to use.

Assumption: AR is just a toy.

Reality: It is a top teaching tool in Med Schools (among other disciplines) around the world

Have you made these assumptions when considering AR for your exhibit engagement program? Many Event Marketers do and deny themselves a powerful, affordable, educational … and fun … interactive opportunity.  

You may ask … so what can AR actually deliver? Augmented Reality:

  • Reduces drayage by putting a 360° showroom in an attendee’s hand.
  • Provides a dynamic “sneak peek” inside equipment, devices, and even “ideas.”
  • Frames key features with important differentiators.
  • Delivers consistent, accurate, visually-arresting messages.
  • Enables attendees to drive their own learning experience.
  • Makes messages stickier.
  • Needs virtually zero footprint.
  • Increases attendee dwell time.
  • Scales from a 120×120 exhibit to an 8’ inline … instantly.
  • Maximizes investment by enabling reps to use it for months or years after an event.
  • Updates quickly & easily via an on-board Content Management System.

Clearly, these benefits are the tip of the iceberg.  You may wish to access Leveraging AR & VR, or Augmented & Virtual Reality: Going Beyond the “Gee-Whiz! for a deeper dive.

So, while the question, “are your assumptions about Augmented Reality holding you back” is important, it suggests a bigger one:

Are your assumptions about any marketing tool or tactic holding you back?  

Perhaps it’s time for a rethink.