How to GLOBALIZE your exhibit

Remember how, in the mid-2000s, “virtual” tradeshows took the place of live ones? Neither do I. But, boy, did they try. Back then, everyone was clamoring to virtualize everything … and get rid of its “real” counterpart. This caused several tech companies to offer, nay to PROMISE,… learn more >

7 Proven Ways to Perfect Your Next Presentation

Once again we find ourselves in the heart of the tradeshow season.  This means many readers have been tasked with having to prepare and present a talk at a seminar, breakout, or other professional meeting.  So, to paraphrase a well-known trope, “How do you become… learn more >

7 Gamification Secrets to Motivate Audiences

In previous Ignite articles and white papers, we’ve explored how gamification can be a powerful communication tool for your meetings and tradeshows. But it’s important to remember one thing: you must choose the right type of game for your target audience. Different vertical markets are populated… learn more >

7 Visual-Support Tips for Executive Presenters

Success brings with it many challenges, not the least of which is public speaking. Your audience may be customers, your internal team, or … the most daunting … your peers. If it’s only you and your thoughts, then your approach is clear; engage the audience, shift… learn more >

Why Storytelling advances the Sale

A quick story … There was once a company that was introducing a new video camera.  (To our younger readers, video cameras were at one time large, stand-alone affairs.) This new camera was unique because it was smaller than others on the market, with many new &… learn more >

Are You a Tradeshow Middle-Schooler?

There is a behavior exhibited at trade shows that is normally displayed in middle-school cafeterias across the Country. It’s known by different names: Clustering. Clumping. Bunching. Huddling. Herd-clinging. Group hugging. If those names aren’t evocative enough, try the following word picture: booth staffers … rather than station… learn more >