Social Media & Tradeshows: 3 Best Practices

Facebook, LinkedIn, ShapChat, Instagram, et al, all have one thing in common; they crave content. To satisfy this need, savvy marketers across most verticals are leveraging their tradeshows and events to capture customer testimonials, live product demos, expert interview, PR roll-outs and much more. This… learn more >

Take a Tip from Millennials

What can Millennials teach us about engagement? A lot! In a recent study by Deloitte, Millennials said businesses who want to engage them should: Focus on people and purpose, not products and profits. Find ways to show you are socially responsible. Speak with them, not at them. Add a… learn more >

Call In the Hired Guns

Have you ever noticed that your tradeshow booth reps spend the majority of their time talking with current customers?  The reason is not hard to deduce; this is a good use of their time.   However, one of the primary objective of any tradeshow exhibit is… learn more >

Knowing Your Target Audience: An Object Lesson

We all like to think of ourselves as savvy marketers. We diligently stay abreast of current marketing trends in our specific businesses and keep a watchful eye on the industry in general. We give our project teams clear marching orders to “engage” our target audiences with new… learn more >

Challenge Basic Assumptions

Recently, an occurrence of historic dimensions exploded across the country, and its effect has been felt around the world.  Millions of people never saw it coming, and may prove to be one of the biggest disruptors of the 21st century. The Chicago Cubs won the 2016 World… learn more >

How to Increase Tradeshow Attendee Dwell Time

Recent studies* have once again proven something we all understand intuitively: 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual. 90% of all human communication is non-verbal. The more senses that are engaged, the more likely a person is to retain information. And my favorite: Average human attention span… learn more >