My hair curls when people talk about measuring ROI. Most event professionals know that acronym stands for Return on Investment. Even so, they use it to refer to everything from polls and surveys to return on objectives studies to unique evaluations like Customer Relationship Value.… learn more >


8 weeks. 9 trade shows. 2 conferences. 6 different industries. I’ve had lots of opportunity this fall to observe face-to-face marketing strategies. One trend I’ve noticed bothers me – the reliance on technology to generate attention. Don’t get me wrong. I’m a big believer in… learn more >

Power Outage

Half the staff was on vacation last Tuesday and the rest of us were busy fitting five days of deadlines into a three day Thanksgiving work week. About 2:15 in the afternoon, the power went out. No lights. No phones. No network. Anger quickly replaced… learn more >

Holiday Book List

The holidays are upon us. Time for a reading list to fill the quiet moments when I’m not feasting. This year I’m moving away from favorites like Seth Godin, Malcom Gladwell and Daniel Pink: “Think:” by Michael R. LeGault. Did Gladwell’s bestseller “Blink” have it… learn more >

Standing Out From The Crowd

I’m a Seth Godin fan. I’ve read most of his books and I read his blog daily. Yesterday Seth wrote, “The reason they want you to fit in is that once you do, then they can ignore you.” Those words reminded me of advice… learn more >


Welcome to the new GetSynchronicity website and to my blog. Months ago when we began developing this site, we envisioned creating a destination that would be an inspiration for our customers. We tossed around lots of clever ideas. We also tossed away most of them. In… learn more >