Tradeshow Experiences: Size Matters

A recent CEIR article mentioned how interactive technology can expand a trade show attendee experience without having to expand the size of the booth.

This is good news … more bang for the buck.

But interactive technology is not a panacea.  If it isn’t used properly, it is the perfect way to drain a budget.

This blog identifies “interactive technology” challenges, and offers ways to solve them


Challenge: You can easily pay too much for interactive technology that doesn’t deliver the desired results.  

Solution: Knowledgeable event professionals:

  • Help marketers define their objectives …
  • Educate them about what interactive technology can and cannot do …
  • … and then leverages the positions the interactive tech within a clear engagement strategy that is designed to deliver a specific result.

No Tech is an Island

Challenge:  If you build it, they won’t necessarily come.  Placing an interactive kiosk in a booth, or arming reps with app-loaded tablets, isn’t enough.

Solution: When interactive technology is positioned within a well-defined and properly-implemented overall attendee engagement program, it cannot help but generate maximum ROI.


Challenge: Interactive technology that’s show-specific is worthless at 5pm on Day Three.

Solution:  Ask yourself:

  • Can sales reps use this tech in the field?  
  • Can we update content?  
  • Can it play on different devices?

Interactive tech that’s designed to be used outside the booth, for months or years to come, truly amortizes your investment and delivers real value.

In the final analysis, the success of interactive technology on a show floor depends on careful research, strategic partnerships, and intelligent implementation.

Just like everything else.