Tactile Marketing Can Deliver Tangible Results

The experience generation (aka Millennials) is the largest living generation in the U.S.  Reaching this group requires more than traditional marketing. That’s why 79% of brands say that they will execute more event and experiential marketing (EM) programs this year compared to last year, according… learn more >

Questioning the Value of Your Event

After the last booth giveaway has been given away, can you prove the value your exhibit investment delivered? Do any of the following statements describe your customer, prospective clients or user event? Attendance is stagnant Attendees come one year, but not the next Demographics aren’t ideal Audience feedback has flatlined Return… learn more >

Motivating Audiences to Action

You will never get what you want if you don’t ask for it.  Pre-show, determine what you want target audiences to do and why. Be as specific as possible.  What do you want them to agree to?  Check out this list and more … learn more >