Social Media & Tradeshows: 3 Best Practices

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Facebook, LinkedIn, ShapChat, Instagram, et al, all have one thing in common; they crave content. To satisfy this need, savvy marketers across most verticals are leveraging their tradeshows and events to capture customer testimonials, live product demos, expert interview, PR roll-outs and much more. This invaluable, one-of-a-kind content, subsequently, can feed your social media channels for months to come.

Here are three Best Practices for keeping your social media community healthy and strong

Tip #1: Live Moderation. It’s important to moderate the responses your social media posts generate. Answering questions, clarifying positions or adding expert advice to an ongoing discussion does more to keep a conversation positive & active… it may convince a potential client to give you a call.

Tip #2: Stay Calm and Carry On.  If an online discussion takes an unwanted turn, it’s important to remain calm and avoid “fighting back.” There are no winners in online arguments; taking the high road always pays off in the long run.

Tip #3: Proactive is Best.  If (or when) an online dispute arises, be proactive. Putting your head in the sand and hoping the argument goes away is never a winning strategy.

Tradeshows remain a rich source for social media content, but it requires a steady, alert hand to ensure that your social media audience always sees you at your best.

Post well.