The POWER OF “Why”

Simon Sinek’s TED Talk … “How Great Leaders Inspire Action,” is one of the most viewed YouTube videos of all time. It clearly outlines how great leaders communicate the “why” of what they do, and how this drives people to connect with them on an emotional, aspirational level.

Trade Show exhibitors must also clearly communicate the “why” of what their companies do to drive attendees to connect with them on an emotional, aspirational level. 

A common marketing tool is the customer case study. But case studies are often logistical and devoid of “the why.” To improve their story-telling value, consider enhancing your case studies by expanding their “why.”

  • Start by detailing your featured customer’s “why.” What makes their company tick; what makes them feel fulfilled.   
  • Next, describe the challenge that’s keeping them from living up to their “why.” How does this make them feel?  How is this specifically keeping them from their goals?
  • Now detail how your solutions helped them solve this challenge, and how they were once again able to continue realizing their “why.”
  • Lastly … and this is important … close with how helping this customer fulfilled your why.
  • This approach not only keeps your story customer-centric, it transforms an otherwise dry recitation of facts into an aspirational Success Story.

Sound pie-in-the-sky?  Ask Apple, Harley Davidson, Disney, Nike, or other top global brands.  

Actually, you won’t need to ask them because they have so successfully embedded their “why” into our collective psyches, you can answer that question yourself.